Graduated in 2017 at the Fine Arts Academy of Verona (Italy), I've been working mostly abroad for almost a year. Experienced as set designer but, first of all, as a survivor, I try to improve my knowledge day by day, in order to accept new challenges. 

  After a six months period at FBAUP (Porto, Portugal) for my Erasmus, I developed a urban installation about Pessoa's sensationism, and I moved to Barcelona, working for La Fura dels Baus. 

  As a scenographer, I mostly appreciate opera, which I've spent studying three years, during my academic career. I try to open my horizons with new objectives and obstacle, such as taking theatre and performing arts to everyone, with a new language which could possibly embrace the traditional we all know. 

  Currently responsible for artistic setting design for Carrer Llibertat for the annual Street Festival in Gràcia neighborhood in Barcelona (Festes de Gràcia).

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